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Company Profile
Company Profile
AAMC (THAILAND) Co., Ltd is a technology driven organization which specializes in shallow water submarine installation and maintenance. The company was founded in 2008, and is located in Pratumthani Province, Thailand.

Our services include:

  • Installation, maintenance and repair of submarine telecommunication cable. (F.O. cable)
  • Submarine power cable installations
  • Cable installations and maintenance in pipeline trenching for offshore oil rigs and natural gas conduits
  • Equipment rental

Submarine Business Concept

         Submarine business has been our core activity since the startup of our corporate business.

Our business features submarine cable related technology, accumulated know-how and human resources we inherited from Kimann Interpac company, Singapore. Now we provide various submarine installation service related to marine survey, navigation, cable laying work, maintenance & repair, etc.

Submarine Cable Laying Technology

          The length of the cable which is laid on buried under the seabed is calculated with compensation given to seabed inclinations and ruggedness, as well as that to the meandering of cables on under the seabed. This length does not reflect linear distances from point to point along cable routes. Cable slack, the ratio between a linear distance in a given zone and additional length allotted as compensation, is implemented.
If such cable slack is not appropriately applied and managed, cables may become suspended or excess length cannot be obtained for post-burying operations, thus causing problems in the cable burying operation.

Why does installation cable under water?

           Cables are generally buried under the seabed to avoid damage by anchors of large ships and trawler nets. Ships usually lay anchor in areas where the depth is 50 centimeters or so. In emergency situations such as storms, the anchor may be laid as a brake in areas with a depth of up to 110 centimeters. For this reason, cables are buried 1.5 - 3.0 m under the seabed at depths of 50 - 150 m in zones where large ships navigate.
Submarine cables are laid along scheduled routes by feeding them out from cable tanks via a cable feeder. Injection sledge, Plough-type cable-burying machines are used in case the laying is done in areas where anchoring of vessels or trawling nets may cause cable damage.
AAMC company is capable of optimal cable laying, cable burying and cable removal operations making use of our network/own submarine cable lying vessel and advanced cable burying machines (plough-type cable burying machine, injection sledge, etc.), match specific conditions of the seabed along the scheduled cable laying route. Prevention of cable damage by anchors and trawler nets, as well as environmental factors such as sea currents, are fully considered. Let us introduce some typical examples of submarine cable construction and maintenance services we provide. These services can be provided on a partial basis. A lot of work can be provided other than that for transmission cables. So we can define boundary of installation cable as follow.

Phase of submarine cable laying work:

  • Submarine Survey
  • Submarine Route Design
  • Submarine Installation
  • Submarine Maintenance
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